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Share high-sentence sentences in essay writing, and quickly collect the foreign!
International students want to get a high score in their essay writing, they usually accumulate to practice. Today, Meeloun editor will share the essay writing high score highlight sentence for you ~

Usually back to back, you can save your essay at the critical moment ~

Highlights first sentence

1. As is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon…

2. As is shown in the pie chart ...

These two sentences use non-limitative attributive clauses guided by as to lead to the content of pictures or charts, meaning "cartoon expounds a point of view for us with symbolism ...", "as the pie chart shows ..."

3. From the picture we can see…

The highlight in this sentence pattern is to put the prepositional phrase as an adverbial at the beginning of the sentence, without affecting the overall structure of the sentence.

4. Portrayed in the set of drawings above are / is…

5. Emerging from the drawing is a miracle:…

6. Described by the bar chart above are / is…

These three sentences are all inverted structure, very beautiful. At the beginning of the chapter, you can attract the attention of the instructor in the vast essay, and the score will definitely improve.

7. The cartoonist laid out the image elaborately, placing ... at the center of picture.

8. The implication conveyed in the cartoon is that ...

9. The photo exhibits us an eye-catching scene:…

The sentence uses special punctuation marks (colons) to lead to the specific content of the picture description. This sentence structure is more convenient, and the students are more flexible to use.

After the description of the first drawing or chart is clear, be sure to put forward your own views or opinions on the phenomenon or philosophy in essay and give corresponding examples.

At the thought of putting forward opinions and opinions, the sentences "in my opinion", "from my point of view", "as far as I am concerned" appear immediately in the minds of the students ... These sentences are too ordinary to brighten the teacher's eyes. How to make the teacher happy?

The following sentences are for everyone to learn:

(1) It is undeniable that ...

(2) It is obvious that ...

(3) It occurs to me that ...

(4) I give my vote to the former / the latter opinion. (I) agree with the former / the latter opinion.

(5) be supported by sound reasons

(6) As the proverb goes ... (as the proverb says ...)

Highlight sentence

1. It is hoped that we should place much emphasis on / pay more attention to ...

Example sentence: It is hoped that we should pay more attention to the problems of unemployment.

2. Only in this way / only when / only through ..., will / can we ...

Example sentence: It is only if all sides of society take their roles fully that we will achieve the society we want.

3. As long as ..., we will be able to ... / the problems is bound to ...

Example sentences: As long as we persist in spreading scientific knowledge among the masses, all the superstitions are bound to go out of our life.

4. In the course of time / In a long run / In the long term, sth. Is more likely / bound / sure to ...

Example sentence: In a long run, the practice of birth control is believed to do a great benefit to the future of China.

5. In a word, there is every / little chance / probability / possibility that ... in time to come.

Example sentences: In a word, there is every chance that this wise move in economic construction will acquire a broader significance in time to come.

6. Anything / anyone that / who ... will have to ...

Example sentence: Anyone who has a strong bias against China will have to threat her with increased respect.

7. It is high time that ...

Example sentence: It is high time that the issue was to be solved so as to promote economic development.

8. We should do our best in eliminating ...

Example sentence: We should do our best in eliminating air pollution.

9. The problem is not ...; the problem is not ...

Example sentence: The problem is not that we cannot do it; the problem is that we hate to do such nasty things.

10. In order to ..., we must ...

Example sentences: In order to make our world a better place in which to live, we must learn to live in harmony with all wildlife species.

The above is the various sentence patterns that can be used in UK assignment writing service shared by Meeloun editors. Hurry up and write it down!
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